In2MedSchool is a beneficial programme which aids passionate and determined students to achieve their dreams of being a successful medical student. 


Joining In2MedSchool has positively impacted my current journey of being a successful medical student. The monthly one-to-one mentoring has ensured that I am focused and on track; the support provided by the mentors is reassuring as well as encouraging. These sessions are tailored specifically for each individual to help focus on weaknesses and help achieve their full potential. Their aim is to help students, like me, to recognise their talents and potential to achieve their goals of receiving a place at medical school. From UCAS application advice to personal statement sessions, I personally have benefited from In2Medschool enormously. Communicating and learning from a medical student who was in the same position as me in the past is truly inspiring.


My journey so far with In2Medschool has been eye opening as I’ve been provided with so much encouraging advice and useful resources which have enhanced my understanding and determination to become a doctor. This programme has helped me to recognise my talents and it has widened my understanding on the competitive nature of medical school and how I can stand out.¬†¬†


The application process was simple and quick and the support provided is completely FREE. 


In order to be accepted onto this programme you have to fulfill at least one criteria. When applying to this programme you are given the choice to choose which university you would like the menor to be from. This gives you the opportunity to ask the mentor questions about the university, as well as get an insight into medical school.


Amrinder Bahia – current year 12 student