• BLM movement is louder than ever right now and now is the time to make a lasting effect upon St Edmund’s.
  • The future is in the hands of the next generation, so now is the time to make a change by shaping and educating students on how powerful and influential their voices are.
  • It is important to St Edmund’s as not only is it such a diverse community but we “care” for each individual regardless of race or colour.

What we are doing?

  • We have sent out a presentation to tutors with information to teach the younger children about the importance of the campaign.
  • A competition to create a poster which will be put around schools to create awareness so that each student can use their own initiative and research the movement.
  • Every month a department will choose a black figure that represents the subject (doesn’t have to be the typical freedom fighters but someone not all of us would know) who impacted lives, to teach the rest of the school about the importance of that person.
  • Each department to find some way to fundraise money and donate to a charity of their choice which relates to their chosen figure.